An overview of ongoing and / or future competitions and events arranged by or in collaboration with the Hundeparken administration.

“Gaekkebrevet” is a danish tradition, where you sent each other a nice cutted letter, write some nice poems and leave your name in dots. The receiver will try to guess who the sender is from the dots. If they don’t succeed the receiver must give the sender an easter egg. However, if they succeed, the sender will give the receiver an easter egg instead.

We are going to use this fine tradition.
Therefore, you can now register, after which you will get your receiver. You have to make a creative “gaekkebrev” to the person you get as receiver.

Registration must happen before Saturday 1st of April at 12:00 at [email protected] with the subject “Gaekkebrev - Registration”.
Shortly after you’ll get an email with the person you’ll create a “gaekkebrev” for.


  • “Gaekkebrevet” must include your dogname in dots; if your name is: “Dog-name” in the park, you’ll write “...-....”, if there’s a space, you’ll make a space, etc.
  • “Gaekkebrevet” must include hints to who you are, beside the name. Forexample through a poem or a personal text. It’s not about not being guessed.
  • How you make it is up to you, it does not have to be danish traditional. You can draw, pixel, photoedit, draw in paint or whatever you feel like. It just has to be a picture - not just a text.

Send your “gaekkebrev” to us on the same email with the subject “Gaekkebrev” before Saturday 8th of April at 20:00.

Now you have to try to guess who sent you the letter.

At an event on Lekeplassen, Sunday 9th of April at 19:00 you’ll get 2 attempts to guess who sent the letter.
If YOU guess it, you’ll get a reward. If you DON’T guess it, the SENDER will get a reward. Now remember again, everybody has to guess and everybody has a chance to win. It is not about not being guessed.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask a member of Festkomiteen; Trixie, Athlas or Puzzle in the park or on Discord.

The easterbunny has asked us to tell you something important. You can find it in the park. Can you solve its language? Look in the park and you will find the answer!Send your answer before Saturday 1. April at 23:59 on [email protected] with the subjekt “The Easterbunny’s riddles”
We’ll draw lots with all the right answers at Lekeplassen Sunday 2. April at 19:00.

Important: You are NOT allowed to share the answers to the riddles! It’s okay to help each other, but without giving the answer. Sharing answers will result in disqualification.