An overview of ongoing and / or future competitions and events arranged by or in collaboration with the Hundeparken administration.

The moderators, together with Festkomitéen, present: Friends-week!

We would like to start the year 2022 in the best way with you. Therefore, we plan to arrange an event that lasts the entirety of week 3, which means spending a really nice week together and getting to know each other a bit better!

There will be both social activities and competitions during this week.

The party committee starts secret friend. More info to come!
The moderators and admins post a To Do List that players can use and check off during the week.

Decorate Lekeplassen before the bonfire evening with Ellie and Iria at 19:30! The members of the park can each take part and decide what the room should look like before Wednesday's bonfire night.

Bonfire evening at 20:00 with the theme of friends and anti-bullying. Let’s talk about how we can become better at including each other in our community.

Friends quiz in teams! The moderators and admins hold a quiz at 20:00 where the questions are about the TV series Friends. The participants compete in teams of 2. More info to come!

Improvisation activity at 19:00. We divide the participants into groups. The group will then create a story by saying one sentence each. More info to come!

Leapfrog competition at 20:00 in teams of 2. More info to come!

Ending the week together with Festkomitéen at 20:00. Secret friends will be revealed and we’ll have a wonderful evening together at Lekplassen!
If you want to participate in the Friends quiz, the improvisation activity and / or the leapfrog competition, you must email this to us moderators by January 19th at the latest on our email: [email protected]

Write which competition or activities you want to take part in of these 3. You can participate in all if you can and want to! We will then divide you into teams.

We hope you want to join this nice week with us!