An overview of ongoing and / or future competitions and events arranged by or in collaboration with the Hundeparken administration.

24/11 - Act your scene
at 19:30
27/11 - First advent
at 20:00

Welcome to ACT YOUR SCENE - where you will have the chance to show off your acting and script writing skills!

You and another person of your choosing will team up to write and act out a scene based on one of the Disney scenes below.

Lion king:

Big hero 6:



  • You can only compete in teams of 2
  • The script has to be inspired by one of the clips above
  • You will have 3 minutes to act out your scene. When the time is up, you have to step off of the scene.
  • You are not allowed to disturb the other teams while they’re acting. If you break this rule, you will be disqualified from the competition.
  • It’s not a requirement, but we would appreciate it if you told us from FK ahead of time who you’re partnering with along with the video you’ve picked. You can message us through discord, our email at [email protected] or in the park.

The competition takes place on the 24th of November in Lekeplassen at 19:30!
Until then, you’ll be able to practice the scenes and refine the script with your partner in the following rooms:

We hope to see you on the big scene!
- FK

The party committee (FK) would like to invite you to a cozy and fun event on 27/11 at 20.00 (8pm) in Lekeplassen, where we will spend time together and write some rhymes as it’s the First Sunday of Advent!

It’ll be a bit like bingo evening, but where we sit in the park, write and listen to Christmas music. All rhymes/poems/text, whether they’re short, long, funny, are great! You also have the option to just sit and relax with us!

Christmas Rhymes is where you write rhymes - It might be for a Christmas present? For example, if you were to give nail polish as a gift, it could sound something like this:

“Ten fingers where you must use a brush,
To make them glitter and shine
Whether you stay at home, or go to a party
Your hands will look so divine”

- Put on some comfortable clothes
- Pick something to eat or drink (your choice)
- Paper and pencil may be needed for the rhymes
- If you need help, we’ll absolutely be there to help!

Have fun everyone!
- FK